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Our Founder & Fearless Leader





A balance between the desires of the client, the Uniform Building Code, the Planning Department and the limiting conditions of a site, are always possible. It is our job to find that balance. Once possible conflicts between the desires of the client and the government are resolved, the enjoyment of designing begins. It is our goal to assist in the creation of a design that incorporates the requirements of all these factors, while still maximizing to the fullest extent possible the wishes of the client.


Our drafting, printing and plotting are done on AutoCAD equipped workstations using the latest software and programs. Plotting is done on HP Design Jets that can produce prints up to 36" wide and -if you wish- 120 long. All our prints are of original quality; the day of the fuzzy "blue print" has been replaced by modern day technology that does a better job and a quicker job. The technology allows us to reduce a 36" by 24" standard drawing down to 8" by 11", fax it to the client for review and revision and then make changes in the master drawing, all in a matter of moments, instead of days.


J. W. Cory and Associates is well aware of the virtues of Energy conservation, and this value is reflected in our design and permitting projects. Using the latest Washington state approved Wattsun energy program, we strive to coordinate structural size, heat source, and glazing percentage to the maximum advantage of the client. Innovative designs, along with the creative use of such features as solar orientation and heat sinks can make possible both an energy efficient home that is inexpensive to heat, and an expansive feeling, light filled residence.



Too often the site is relegated to background of the discussion when designing a house; the site is seen as that upon which the building sits, as opposed to being viewed as a component which may influence the design of the project. In addition to the aesthetics, there are a number of very practical aspects to site design that must also be addressed if the total project is to be successfully realized. These involve everything from solar access to the more mundane considerations of septic and drainage disposal. Our goal: impacting the site in a innovative way that pleases


A picture is clearly worth a thousand words, but a clear picture of a legally defensible argument requires clear cogent descriptions that are best done with words. Construction documents must explain the picture in a way that makes it clear what, how and when a picture is to become a reality, and how much that reality will cost. Our construction documents are carefully crafted to minimize vagueness and misunderstandings. A typical construction Manual will run from 60 to 100+ pages, and cover all aspects of the project in a manner that will forestall argument and misunderstanding. The Manual clarifies how the job is be done, who is to do it, when it is to be done, and how it is to look after it is done.


We maintain a currently updated list of contractors and sub-contractors. From that list we select the right firm for the project, receive their proposals, evaluate and recommend to the client the firm most qualified to perform the project in a timely fashion at the least possible cost, while maintaining our set standards of performance.


While the Building Department makes cursory inspections to check compliance with the Building Code, we perform inspections to determine if the goals of the project are met. After each inspection we file a Field Report and maintain copies for the client and the contractor.



A lack of cost control results from a lack of project control. It is our role to insure any extra work or changes in the project are fully documented and priced prior to work being performed. Each project has an Excel spreadsheet created to track the project

All changes are recorded and may only be approved upon written authorization.







__________________________JACK W. CORY






Graduate courses:

Philosophy, Art History,

English and Master of Fine Arts classes

University of California at Berkeley



Bachelor of Arts

Philosophy of Art

University of California at Berkeley



Associate of Arts

Iron Working/High Rise Construction






Registered Architect Exam Candidate

Candidate # 24392



Professional Member

International Conference of Bld Officials.

Lic. # 14370-0



Member International Association

of Electrical Inspectors

Membership No. 003403



Member of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials



Senior Installer, On-Site Sewage Systems

San Juan County, Wa



General Contractor

Lic. # JWCORC*251L



Commercial Pesticide Consultant

Lic. # 42806



Licensed to perform Structural Inspections

Aquatic Pest Control License

(Aquatic: 42806)

Wa State Dept. of Agriculture



Senior Designer, On-Site Sewage Systems

San Juan County, Wa



Designer, Water Systems

San Juan County, Wa






1978 to present

Owner, J.W. Cory & Associates

Design and Drafting



1969 to 1978

Berkeley Homes

Design and Drafting






1989 to present

President, First Inspect Inc.

Home inspection and Planning Consulting.







Owner, J.W. Cory Construction Company

General Contacting Company



Owner, GEM (General Earth Moving)

Excavating contracting company




Past and Present

San Juan County, Washington




Building Department Board of Appeals

Town of Friday Harbor




Bio-Solids Advisory Committee

San Juan County Public Works




Technical Advisory Committee

on the Permit Center for Planning, Building & Health




Technical Advisory Committee

Rules & Regulations - Comprehensive Plan



Citizen Advisory Committee Member

Proposed Comprehensive Plan



Citizen Advisory Sub-Committee: Shoreline Regulations/Law/Policy



Review Committee S. J. County Water Ordnance



Drinking Water Advisory Committee

Environmental Health Department




Airport Advisory Committee,

Friday Harbor Port Commission




Town of Friday Harbor Planning Commission




Land Use Subcommittee San Juan County

Energy Project



Executive Committee

San Juan Islands Tidal Power Committee.



Architectural Improvement Committee

San Juan Chamber of Commerce.



Ex officio, San Juan County Tourism

Planning Committee.




Airport Advisory Committee to the

Friday Harbor Port Commission




Noise Ordinance Subcommittee Airport

Advisory Committee,

Friday Harbor Port Commission







US Army

Attached to NSA (National Security Agency)

Agent, 51st Special Operations

Top Secret (CritCom I) Clearance



116th Expeditionary Forces

South East Asia



Joint Military Assistance Group

U.S. Army

South East Asia Treaty Organization



6th Army Infantry Training Center.

9th Battle Group

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Fort Ord






Founder and Chair, Board of Directors

of Dance, Art, Music and Entertainment.



President and a Founding Officer,

Friends of the Library



Vice-Chairman and a Founding Officer, Board of Trustees

San Juan Island Library District.



Vice-Chairman, Mental Health Sub-


San Juan County Community Services

Administrative Board



Co-Chairman, Community Center for the

Arts at the Fair Grounds



Member of Advisory Committee: Journal Of

The San Juans






Candidate, County Commissioner, District 1



Candidate, Port Commissioner



County Chairman

Committee to re-elect

Senator Slade Gordon



Executive Committee to elect Stewart Andrews District Court Judge



County Chairman, Publicity & Issues

Committee to elect Jack Giard County Commissioner, District 3



Publicity & Issues

Committee to re-elect John Evans County Commissioner, District 2



Issues Committee

Committee to re-elect Tom Starr County Commissioner, District 1





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